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Philippines by the numbers

Date of First Broadcast: November 3, 2008

Daily E-Devotional Subscribers: 764

Daily Radio Program Releases: 6

Monthly Devotional Magazine Subscribers: 127

Your Greatest Turning Point New Believer Kits Requested: 280

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  1. Pray for national leadership, especially that favor would be given to Christians in policy decisions.
  2. Despite being Asia’s “most Christian” country, many people in the Philippines do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Please pray for the salvation of the lost.
  3. Pray Turning Point’s broadcasts in the Philippines encourage and lift up the spirits of those listening to the program.

impact story

“I was your listener since you broadcast in the Philippines through FEBC and I really thank God for His work in you and through you. When I started working abroad your ministry deepened my relationship to our Almighty God and strengthened me with all the challenges I faced working away from home. God is even using your programs for me be to be able to minister to others. As God used me in the church, I used Dr. Jeremiah’s sermons as a tool and reference for God’s teaching through me. You never know how much fulfillment God has placed into my heart in supporting you even in a small amount. Please also pray with me that I can encourage more of my brethren here to support your ministry. Praise God we got one she's also supporting you from last year her name is Rejohanah Zalavarriah. Include us in your prayer that we will be many, that God will touch their hearts as well to support you. Stay blessed.”


Charmi Pangainiban

The Philippines proudly claims to be Asia’s largest Christian nation. Around 85 percent of the Philippines’ 100 million people claim to be Catholic. Protestants in the Philippines account for another 8 percent of the population, which is spread out over some 7,100 islands. Turning Point’s first broadcast in the Philippines was in 2008. Our radio program is now heard daily in most of the Philippines’ major cities, including Manila, Cebu, and Davao.

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