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Date of First Broadcast: October 21, 2018

Weekly Television Program Releases: 2

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  1. Pray for believers in Russia to be encouraged and strengthened in their faith as they face religious restrictions put in place by the government.
  2. Pray for God to open new doors for Turning Point to reach our brothers and sisters in Russia as well as around the world.
  3. Pray for the furtherance of the Gospel, specifically that more people will come to Christ through Turning Point’s Russian television and YouTube programs.

impact story

“I received the love of Christ and prayed for salvation while watching Dr. Jeremiah speak so boldly and confidently about the message of the Gospel. My life changed forever, and I found I had an important purpose on this earth. I have now prayed with over 7 people who I knew before being saved and they received Jesus as well. They noticed the change in my heart and asked to have what I have. I said it is a gift and any one can have it. Thank you.”


Ludmila - Saint Petersburg, Russia

Your Greatest Turning Point

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There are more than 10 million Russian-speaking people currently living in the USA. In fact, Russian is the 5th most spoken language in the world! In 2018, we partnered with TBN Russia to bring the Gospel to our Russian brothers and sisters worldwide. Our broadcasts on the TBN Russia channel will be carried on many of the most watched networks and is estimated to have a potential viewership of over 200 million people spread across 100 countries. We also started a YouTube page in 2018 that will allow Russian speakers to access Bible-based teaching at their convenience. We are praying that many will come to Christ and be strengthened through the teaching of the Word through Turning Point’s Russian ministry outreach.


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