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Date of First Broadcast: January 1, 2001

Daily Spanish E-Devotional Subscribers: 7,981

Daily Spanish Radio Program Releases: 421

Momento Decisivo Facebook Likes: 25,807

Spanish App Downloads: 55,371

Spanish Your Greatest Turning Point New Believer Kits Requested: 10,185

Get involved

  1. Pray for God’s direction as we look for more opportunities to make Momento Decisivo heard wherever Spanish is spoken.
  2. Pray that additional books, including The Jeremiah Study Bible and Airship Genesis Kids Study Bible, will also be translated and published in Spanish.
  3. Pray we are able to find the right people to help meet the staffing needs we have at Momento Decisivo.

  5. Pray for the development of our Spanish Website.

impact story

May our Lord continue to bless you my beloved brethren. I live in Cuba and can’t listen to your broadcast. However, I am blessed by your daily emails such as your devotionals. Your daily devotionals have strengthened my Faith in Christ. Thanks for Delivering the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing world. Continue to be used by and for God knowing that your reward comes from Him. Hugs from Cuba.



Your Greatest Turning Point

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TURNING POINT’S SPANISH MINISTRY, MOMENTO DECISIVO, CELEBRATED ITS NINETEENTH ANNIVERSARY EARLY IN 2020. Our Spanish programs can now be heard in every Spanish speaking country on a total of 331 unique stations, more than 421 times each day. Recently, Momento Decisivo has been strategically having more of Dr. Jeremiah’s books and resources translate into Spanish in preparation for the launch of Momento Decisivo on Spanish television.


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