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Date of First Broadcast: July 1, 1996

Daily E-Devotional Subscribers: 1,916

Daily Radio Program Releases: 17

Weekly Television Program Releases: 5

Monthly Devotional Magazine Subscribers: 282

Your Greatest Turning Point New Believer Kits Requested: 2,613

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  1. Pray our television broadcasts on TBN in Africa and Faith TV reach more and more people across the entire continent of Africa, helping them grow in their relationship with Jesus.
  2. Pray our Igbo broadcast throughout Nigeria emboldens listeners to stand firm in their faith amidst incredible persecution.
  3. As additional radio stations begin playing our program, pray the signal is heard loudly and clearly by many seeking Christ.

impact story

“I came to know Turning Point through the man of God Dr. David Jeremiah. To tell you the truth, I am poor and don’t have any property that I can count except for a bicycle which I use when going to church. I have no computer or laptop, but I know God is in control of my life. While I may be physically poor, through the teachings of Dr. Jeremiah, my soul is rich. I will continue to support the ministry with the little I have. Thank you to the whole staff at Turning Point for the work you are doing. Our church will continue to grow, thanks to the Dr. Jeremiah, whom God is using.”



Your Greatest Turning Point

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It’s been a remarkable 20+ years since Turning Point’s first African broadcast back in July of 1996. Since then, governments have come and gone, new countries have been established, and the major cities across Africa today look very different than they did then. With all the change taking place, one thing that remains constant is Turning Point’s desire to share the Word of God with those who will listen. We are extremely grateful for many longstanding broadcast partners who help to facilitate our continent-wide English television coverage and ever-growing radio footprint in both English and Igbo.


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