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March 2020 Issue

Facing Uncertain Times, Volume 2

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Loving Resolve

Last month we looked at how the prophet Daniel and his three friends faced an uncertain future as captives in Babylon. This month, we fast forward about six centuries to see how another prophet, Jesus of Nazareth, faced an uncertain future in His day....

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Pay Attention to the Fuel Level

When I was growing up, a filling station was where cars pulled in to “fill up” their tanks with gasoline. Today, such businesses are usually called gas stations—or convenience stores, buying clubs, truck stops, or travel centers, businesses for which gasoline is only one of the many products they sell....

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This Month's Magazine Resource

Answers to Questions About Living in the Last Days

God’s Word offers answers for living in the Last Days, and now Dr. Jeremiah shares those answers with you, in this convenient, brand–new, topically organized, Q&A-format book.

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Today's Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah

All the battle marches in biblical and secular history will pale in comparison to the final one—the procession of heavenly armies following Jesus Christ when He returns again....

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