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Online Exclusive: From This Point Forward

A Talking Donkey... and Other Unlikely Beasts

One winter, a Minnesota resident named Brett Grinde decided to walk his dog. But as they ambled down the road, Effie, the fifteen-year-old hunting dog, started straining at her collar and was clearly upset. Grinde unsnapped her leash, and Effie raced to a spot some distance away....

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“Well, That Just Happened!” When God Gets Our Attention

When something unusual suddenly grabs our attention, we’re speechless for a moment, and then we might say, “Well, that just happened!” The attention getter might be as welcome as a surprising new job opportunity or as unwelcome as a serious health diagnosis....

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Learn the remarkable truth about angels, the agents of heaven, as unveiled through Scripture.

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Today's Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah

As you share Christ, you may find yourself fielding questions....

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