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Date of First Broadcast: January 26, 2003

Daily E-Devotional Subscribers: 49,920

Daily Radio Program Releases: 62

Weekly Television Program Releases: 10

Monthly Devotional Magazine Subscribers: 10,643

App Downloads 8,187

Your Greatest Turning Point New Believer Kits Requested: 15,800

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  1. Praise God He has opened doors for broadcasts in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ottawa. Please pray for these broadcasts as well as our other foreign language broadcasts around the world, particularly, Bahasa Indonesia, Russia, and Telugu, Punjabi, Hindi, Mandarin and many more.
  2. Pray for ways in which Turning Point can minister to French-speaking Canadians throughout Quebec.
  3. Pray for wisdom as we continue to seek out cost-effective ways to have books and other resources arrive more quickly to Canadian homes.

impact story

I was born back in the late 70s in Bagdad, Iraq and we lived there for most of our lives before coming to Toronto in 1995. I didn’t know the Lord as my personal Lord and Savior when I was in Iraq. I was born in a Christian Orthodox family, going through the regular Christian motions, but not knowing anything about it. However, in 1997, through a weekend three-day evangelical preaching that was happening at church, on the last day, on the last invitation, I felt the Lord tugging on my heart to come to Him and accept Him as my Lord and Savior. I went forward to the preacher and I said, “I’m ready to accept Christ as my Savior” and we knelt down and prayed together. After we did that, I didn’t feel anything, any halo or anything of that sort on my head; however, I did notice that a hunger and thirst for God’s Word had started. Only by reading God’s Word daily and growing in my walk with the Lord and finding a Bible-preaching church could I quench that thirst. At that time, I came across a radio station WDCX 99.5FM Buffalo, and one of the first preachers whose voice resonated with me was Dr. David Jeremiah. His teachings are straightforward, explaining God’s Word the proper way, simply and easily helping me in my Christian walk. From 1997 through the present, I’ve been listening to Dr. Jeremiah’s teachings and using the Turning Point materials that I receive regularly. I’ve told my friends and family and they too started listening to Turning Point’s teachings. I have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Jeremiah a couple of times. Once was in person and I found him to be down to earth, a true man of God. The Lord is working mightily through Dr. Jeremiah and his ministry, Turning Point. I’m very grateful and look forward to continuing to support the ministry.

Alex — Toronto, Ontario

Turning Point has been broadcasting in Canada since 2003. Our television program airs on four national channels across Canada, and our half-hour English broadcasts on television and radio air more than 330 times per week. Currently, Turning Point’s Mandarin radio program airs daily throughout parts of British Columbia, Alberta, and the greater Toronto area. In 2019, Turning Point’s Canada Daily Television began airing on Faith TV, Joy TV and the Miracle Channel. In addition to Canada Daily Television, we established a Canadian website where Canadians can enjoy several benefits. Upon signing for an account, users can check order fulfillment, access digital products available only to account holders, view order and donation history, and access special resources for Bible Strong Partners. Although ninety percent of Canada’s 36 million people live within 100 miles of the U.S. border, there are still vast areas where we have little to no radio coverage; and there are many we still desire to reach for Christ.


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